Friday, 28 April 2017

Surviving the Exams Season for Teens: Part Three

Trying to balance schoolwork, friends, hobbies and possibly part-time jobs can all be a bit overwhelming especially when exam season begins. 
At times when you are feeling overwhelmed Child's Pose can be extremely helpful.

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Most yoga teachers will offer Child’s Pose as a resting pose whenever you feel you need to take a break during class. There is a very good reason for this as it is a gentle and calming posture. It is great for relieving back, shoulder, neck and hip strain.

How to Do Child's Pose

Begin by kneeling on a yoga mat or the floor. Bring your knees together and your buttocks to your feet. 
Exhale and slowly rest your torso over your thighs so that your forehead touches the mat or rest it on a book. 
You can keep your arms in line with shoulders over your head or rest your hands, palms facing up by your feet.
You can also try putting your big toes together and taking your knees as wide as your mat on either side for a bigger stretch.
Stay here for 5-10 deep breaths maybe adding a gentle sway form side to side.

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