Monday, 6 April 2015

Special Yoga

Here I am (pictured left) being presented with my Special Yoga certificate after completing a course to teach Yoga & Mindfulness to children with autism and ADHD.

It was an inspiring course led by Special Yoga founder, Jo Manuel (right), the UK's leading yoga teacher trainer for special needs.
Jo and her team work with around 800 children a week at her Special Yoga centre in London and at schools across the country.

So much of what she said made sense:
"Teaching yoga to children with autism and other related conditions helps to bring them back to their bodies. It helps to bring the child to a more peaceful state where healing can take place."
While yoga is not a cure-all it will bring about positive changes such as helping children to sleep better, have regular bowel movements and improve communication.

I had never dreamed of teaching yoga to children, never mind chidlren with learning difficulties but sometimes life has a way of opening up new paths. After I qualified as a yoga teacher my son, a primary school teacher asked me to set up an after-school yoga class at his school. It was terrifying at first but the children soon taught me what to do. I was then asked to work with some of the children with autism and again I let them to teach me what they needed. To fill in the gaps I went to London to take part in the Special Yoga course and opened up a whole new set of possibilities. If you want to get some idea of how yoga can help special children just take a look at the centre's video and meet Jo.


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