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Welcome to Spring

Time to roll out your mat and go with the flow.
All classes are located in Formby.
My Spring Schedule is as follows:

Holy Trinity Workshop
8pm - 9pm
A mixed ability class suitable for all levels
£5 drop-in or £24 for 6 class pass (can be used on Mondays and Thursdays)

Life Balance Studio, Harington Road
Teen Yoga (12-17)
£5 drop in or £20 for 5 classes
Classes run during term time only
(No classes Tuesday April 4 and 11 and May 31)

Formby Fitness
Ashtanga Inspired Yoga
7.30pm - 8.30pm
£5 drop-in or free to members

Holy Trinity Workshop
6.15pm - 7pm
A gentle class - perfect for beginners or those who want a slow flow class
£5 drop-in or £24 for 6 class pass (can be used on Mondays and Thursdays)

Formby Fitness
Relax Flow with yin postures
6pm - 7pm
£5 drop-in or free to members

121 sessions are available from £20
For more information email
or follow FormbyYoga on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

Recent posts

Gentle Class

Welcome to my first yoga video which was produced by two students at the sixth form college where I work.
It is a gentle and relaxing 20 minute video, perfect for first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

Classes for 2017

Welcome to 2017. I'm back from a brief walking holiday in the Lake District and looking forward to an exciting year ahead, if 2016 is anything to go by. In 2016 I got to meet and train with two of my favourite yoga teachers - David Swenson and Tara Stiles, which was an interesting and inspiring experience. Training to become a Strala Guide with Tara has probably been the most influential training of my yoga career and I look forward to attending many more of her trainings - hopefully in her New York headquarters (universe -if you are listening I do have some Premium Bonds!!). For now, I am excited to share the Strala philosophy of uniting body and mind one simple breath  at a time.
To find out more about Strala Yoga just click here. 
And if you want to experience this wonderful system of yoga, my classes for 2017 are:
Mondays: 8pm - 9pm. Gentle Strala at Holy Trinity Workshop, Formby, £5 drop-in or £24 for 6 class pass.Tuesdays: 6pm - 7pm. Teen Strala (for 11-18 year-olds) at Life…

Christmas Tree

If you are stressed about shopping or worrying about what to wear to the next party this Christmas, then don’t despair - try the Christmas Tree Pose to help bring you back to a calm and focused place. Stand up straight, shift your weight slightly on to your left foot and bend your right knee out to the side. Reach down and place the sole of your right foot either above or below the knee. Place your palms together and take 5 long, slow breaths. Repeat on the opposite leg.

Easy like Strala Sunday

A speeded up snippet of my Sunday Morning practice.

What is Strala Yoga?

Although my yoga journey began in 1991 when I was pregnant with my first child, my teaching journey did not begin until June 2014 when I enrolled on a teacher training course with Yoga Professionals. It was the start of an exciting new journey. After qualifying I threw myself into teaching and learning. I just wanted to soak up as much as I could. Seeing people leave my classes feeling relaxed and de-stressed gave me a sense of purpose.I didn’t know it at the start but that course with Yoga Professional was just the start. In March 2015 I was lucky enough to spend three days being trained by Jo Manuel of Special Yoga so that I could teach yoga to children. In April 2015 I studied more anatomy with Dr Ray Long. In July 2015 I completed the Pawsb Mindfulness course at Bangor University so that I could teacher Mindfulness to children. In September 2015 I spent three days learning more about Ashtanga Yoga with Kino McGregor. In October and November 2015 I spent 5 days completing my Teen Y…

Practising At Home

I have been practising yoga for more than 20 years.
I tried it when I was pregnant, alongside my gym work and when I was injured from running and the stretching made me feel great. I would also enjoy a good night’s sleep after a relaxing Savasana. Sadly, with a job, a house to run and four children and a husband to care for, the effects soon wore off and within 24 hours I would be back to climbing the walls.And it wasn’t until I committed to a regular home practice that I really started to notice the full power of yoga. I noticed considerable progress in my physical practice as I was able to move deeper into the postures, releasing my muscles and joints. But regular practice meant that my mind was calmer.
My moods didn’t swing quite so much and I felt I was becoming a nicer, kinder version of my old self. That once familiar feeling I experienced at work as tasks piled up and I felt helpless just disappeared as I abandoned my efforts to clear my desk by the end of the day. I do what I c…